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Synergy 34

Karen Smith, one of five Adelaide Botanic Garden curators explains why she added TerraCottem to the management program...

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Presentation of 2nd National Sports turf Day

After receiving very positive feedback on the lecture done by our technical manager Davy Ottevaere for the 2nd National Sports Turf Day (sportveldendag), we are pleased to provide you with the link to the entire presentation:

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Synergy 33

That's Tazz... at your service

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Synergy 32

Landscape architect Des Cloake (PDT, Brisbane, Australia) talks about the landscaping challenges he faces and the solutions he provides.

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Happy retirement, Gilbert !

At the end of this month, Gilbert Van Gampelaere, our production manager who has been working in our family businesses for more than 30 years will retire. His last day at work is the 16th of December. It has been a pleasure for us having had Gilbert form part of our team all these years.  He did a wonderful job as production manager.

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SustAffor Newsletter 5

Sustaffor comes to an end...here are some of the main conclusions.

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