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News about the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology.

Proceedings International Conference on Reforestation Challenges

Coello-Gomez Jaime, Fuentes-Boix Carla, Pique Míriam.

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June is the month when gardens change from spring to summer

JUNE is the month in which gardens, gardening and the use of gardens change from a spring to summer mode. Summer shrubs and lilies are already starting to bloom and vegetables for summer consumption are growing fast.

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TerraCottem Vertrieb (authorized distributor in Germany) and TerraCottem bvba joining hands at the Rhein-Main-Baumforum in the city of Kriftel am Taunus, Germany.

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Preliminary results of SustAffor project to be presented in Belgrade

The SustAffor project is entering its final months. A large set of data has already been gathered. The preliminary results will be presented at the international conference "Reforestaton Challenges" in Belgrade (June 3-6, 2015).

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TerraCottem‬ is now also available in ‪Denmark‬ and ‪Sweden‬!

Our TerraCottem soil conditioning technology is now also available in ‪Denmark and ‪Sweden!

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TerraCottem appeared in the October issue of Zielen miejska

Check out his Polish article on ‪‎TerraCottem in "Green Municipal" (Zieleń miejska): Hydrożele – Remedium na suszę.

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