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Synergy 37: Juggling Ovals

The Shire of Kalamunda recently had to rework a set of linked playing fields, where the bottom one was four metres below the top. Oh, and construction had to be staged so that they could keep some turf available to the local high school. A tricky job, well done. Read on…

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Russell James and Tarrant Baguley

Synergy 36: Then and now...

Read this great story on how the TerraCottem soil conditioning technology found its way on the Australian market.

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Serbian website launched !!!

Serbian website launched !!!

TerraCottem - Leading soil conditioning technology
TerraCottem - tehnologija oplemenjivača zemljišta

  • Our new website is now available in Serbian language.

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Synergy 35 - Flower Power

Flower Power

Brendan Baele, responsible for the gardens at the City of Greater Bendigo’s, Victoria, Australia, explains why TerraCottem allowed him to take his flower beds to the next level. 

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Russian website launced !!!

TerraCottem - Самая передовая в мире технология оструктурирования почвы

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Synergy 34

Karen Smith, one of five Adelaide Botanic Garden curators explains why she added TerraCottem to the management program...

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