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Prime Position in Platinum Park

Prime Position in Platinum Park

Planting 25-year old trees in the gardens of the prestigious Platinium Business Park in Warsaw called for great care and attention.
Wojciech Musielak, Technical Director of P.W. Ogród, the company in charge of building the gardens was responsible for planting 25 of these mature trees for the state-of-the-art business park, which includes five Class A buildings. Wojciech Musielak has been a keen TerraCottem user for over a decade. 

He commented: “This project is in the prime business district of Mokotow near the intersection of Domaniewska and Woloska streets so the spotlight would be on it and I needed optimal results.  Top quality products were used throughout the surrounding landscaping. We incorporated TerraCottem in the plant hole of these 25-year old Aesculus hippocastanums  (a large deciduous, synoecious tree, commonly known as horse-chestnut or conker tree) as we know it gives us 100 per cent guarantee for rapid growth and excellent rooting of plants with minimal irrigation.
  • Photographer: Piotr Krajewski

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