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Quiet Green Solution To Noise

Quiet Green Solution To Noise

Road traffic noise is far and away the most frequently quoted cause of noise complaints in Germany. Despite enormous progress in noise reduction, particularly in heavy traffic, the increasing amount of traffic in particular has partly offset the success in noise abatement. 
In 2000 the North Bavarian Motorway Directorate raised sound barriers along the stretch of the BAB A3 motorway between Goldbach and Hösbach in order to reduce noise nuisance for the surrounding villages. Included in this prestigious road project was the plan to cover the motorway and conceal it with climbers and trees.  
The site presented a series of challenges that had to be overcome in order to achieve this green roof. The south-facing wall had thick underlying concrete foundations meaning there was little soil for the climbers. Additionally the soil was lacking in nutrients and because of the wall’s orientation the evaporation rate of the soil was high.  The choice of TerraCottem Universal as a soil conditioner was made to address these issues not only for the climbers but also for the tree and shrub planting in the vicinity of the concrete walls.  The construction work had heavily compacted the soil and despite loosening the soil mechanically just before planting it still wasn’t optimal for the transplanted trees to quickly form new roots and establish themselves properly.
Ten years have passed since this stretch of the BAB A3 motorway received its green roof and rows of trees. The Directorate is very happy with the result and so are the local residents, who in spite of the six lane motorway enjoy their quiet and green surroundings.  

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