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Synergy 41: Big, well-built green spaces

Synergy 41: Big, well-built green spaces

Sydney landscape architect Matt Frawley elaborates on his philosophy for creating green spaces before the actual construction of new neighbourhoods. In Googong, a new cluster of neighbourhoods set just south of Queanbeyan with a total of 6,000 homes to be constructed, plans are to fit these within a generous landscape of 12 sports fields, 18 playgrounds, 27 parks and a 56-hectare conservation area. The first of the five neighbourhoods is almost complete and with it, three of the 12 sports fields. The first oval – Rockley – was built without TerraCottem, the other 2 at Duncan Fields with the soil conditioning technology to boost establishment and aid maintenance in the longer term. Looking at the results from both installations, each is meeting its drainage target, “but Duncan established faster and better, and it’s been easier to maintain in this climate.” 

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