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A Total Green Solution

A Total Green Solution

Imog, an inter-municipal public company in Belgium provides integrated waste treatment for over 230,000 inhabitants from 11 municipalities. Their site in Moen covers more than 27 hectares and undertakes numerous operations. One of them is green composting, producing an annual 10 million kilos of compost for the landscaping industry.  
The landfill with natural water purification is the foundation of this waste treatment plant. To complete the landfill site, Imog worked with Kristof Vromant, a certified ‘native plants’ landscape contractor to establish an indigenous green belt on the disposal area’s slopes. More than 3,000 plants from a selection of 12 species, including: Ligustrum vulgare, Prunus Padus, Viburnum opulus and Sorbus aucuparia were planted over a period of two years. 
The site faced some serious challenges,” explained Steven Deryckere, responsible for green planting and water treatment at Imog.  “First it is the height of the site, second the soil which is a poor loam on top of the landfill’s cover sheet and finally wind erosion.  
“It was actually our second attempt at establishing greenery on the landfill’s slope. This time round we followed Kristof’s advice and combined TerraCottem with our Vlaco compost to increase the substrate’s water holding capacity and ease early plant acclimatisation to the planting area.  The result is beautiful.”   

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