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Transplanted Trees Flourish

More than 15,000 of 10 different species of pine trees were planted over a period of 12 months at the Hyundai Sollago Country Club in Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.   
Iljin Leisure Co. Ltd, responsible for the country club’s landscaping was facing less than ideal growing conditions for transplanting trees. The golf course is built on a seashore landfill with very high salt content, a low water retention capacity and strong winds.  
TerraCottem helped the trees settle into their new environment,” said Yang Sanmo, the project leader at Iljin Leisure. “We achieved an overall survival rate of 97 per cent, where on a site like this we would normally face losses of 30 per cent. We now have a beautiful golf course surrounded by trees where before it was just a barren piece of land.” 

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