World Photo Day 2017 - TerraCottem Photo Competition

World Photo Day 2017


World Photo Day which coincides with World Humanitarian Day is “a global event that’s aspiring to create positive change in the world through photography”.  It’s the ideal occasion to launch our first international TerraCottem photo competition and to remember how TerraCottem came about: a team of scientists looking for an efficient way to combat desertification and famine by enabling good plant growth in challenging conditions. 

The photo competition is now open for entries. All you need to do is take a picture with your camera or phone next time you visit a project where TerraCottem was applied or during a site supervision of the actual planting with TerraCottem and send it to us. Your photo could win you a GoPro Hero+!

How to enter:

1. Visit any of your TerraCottem projects or a building site when the planting with TerraCottem is taking place.  
2. Take photos.  If a TerraCottem bag or tub appears in the picture, that is nice too.   
3. Upload your picture here.

You can enter as many times as you like before the closing date of 30 November 2017 – 13.00 CET

The winning entry will be that that is judged to be the most visually appealing, original and self-explanatory.

The prizes:

  • 1st prize: GoPro Hero+ camera

  • 2nd prize: 7”digital photo frame

  • 3rd prize: MicroSD 32Gb memory card


This is a great opportunity to visit your projects and make a testimony of how TerraCottem makes your plants, crops, grass and trees healthier, more resistant and productive and to win a prize! 

Global view of TerraCottem project (Cabo Verde)
Global view of TerraCottem project (Kytäjä Golf, Finland, 2003)
Global view of TerraCottem project (Warsaw, Poland)
TerraCottem Photo Competition 1st prize
TerraCottem Photo Competition 2nd prize
TerraCottem Photo Competition 3rd prize
TerraCottem action at root level (Wembley)
TerraCottem packaging (Oudenaarde, trees)
Global view of TerraCottem project (Gibraltar)

The competition ends on 30 November 2017 – 13.00 CET

Upload your TerraCottem pictures here